The sophisticated ease and elegance of this landscape are born from the careful composition of clean lines and simple materials. The existing house and the pool terrace effortlessly flow together via wide windows and open outdoor space.

A strong axis aligns the house, pool, and spa. The tiled surface of the raised spa features a trio of scuppers poised above stepping stones. Cascading water connects the spa and pool and while adding a playful sense of motion to the space. The pebble finish in the pool adds subtle detail underneath the water’s surface. Beyond the spa, the upper lawn terrace extends to the woods beyond. A border of reclaimed historic pavers frames the lawn to visually separate the designed from the natural.

The repeated use of exposed aggregate and limestone ensure a sense of continuity throughout the landscape. Specimen globe boxwoods give vertical dimension to the space. Along with beds of peonies and specimen trees, they juxtapose the strong lines of the hardscape. Warmth from the lights on the house juxtapose with the coolness of the pool to bring life and drama to the space at night.