Trefoil Trail

A symphony of textures breathes energy into this intimate living space. Clean geometry and smooth surfaces accentuate two levels of serene seating areas while details connect them to the natural surroundings.

The upper deck offers sweeping views of the hillside garden. Clean cut limestone steps lead down to the lower patio where a fire table serves as a focal point. Soft lines of creeping thyme fill gaps between panels of exposed aggregate while low hedges and rustic wood planters add height and embrace the seating area while bringing in textures from the woods beyond.

Natural stone columns echo the lines of an existing oak tree. Between columns and tree, a stone stepper and moss path is dotted with clusters of groundcover that continue throughout the ground level. Landscape lights highlight the intimate garden qualities of the space and add a sense of continuity.

From the lower patio, rough cut limestone slab steps with planted joints cascade into the wooded landscape beyond, creating a gentle physical and visual transition from the living space to the rolling woodland topography beyond.

A freestanding limestone garden wall serves as a simple yet powerful focal point with its rugged textures juxtaposing the thick green grass. Select samples of limestone were skillfully hand chiseled into various shapes and sizes to fit together into a clean yet rustic pattern.