The owner’s request for a garden that was neat, orderly, and “one of a kind” inspired an inclusive environment extending from the busy street of Quarton to the natural river forming the northwest boundary of the property.

Bordered by a privacy berm, the motor court features grass parking panels which both soften the expansive court and serve as permeable surfaces that help control runoff water. The entrance courtyard is an intimate space centered around the Marshall Fredericks sculpture “Leaping Gazelle.”

West of the house, rough-cut stairs of granite and limestone lead down to the boxwood garden where a basalt stone fountain serves as centerpiece. The theme of simplicity carries into the rear yard, where splashes of colorful vegetation add richness to the strong geometries of the stone balcony and patio. The design’s energy stems from the incorporation of ordered geometries with the natural beauty of the existing site.

* This project was featured on the 2008 Detroit Home Garden Tour.