Country Club

Simple geometry and materials work together to extend and enhance this country club terrace. A pool and path grow naturally from the existing brick patio to take advantage of the sweeping views offered by the hillside location.

Visually echoing the existing architecture, brick walls gently rise from the hill to form two large planters. The planters, featuring sculpted boxwood hedges and foam jet bubbler fountains, embrace the centerpiece of the design—an infinity edge pool. The rim flow design allows the water’s surface to be level with the terrace, and the sharp edge gives the illusion that the plane of water extends into the space beyond.

Between patio and pool, a wide path of bluestone steppers with planted lawn joints adds subtle complexity with its geometric pattern and contrasting colors. Mature oak trees hint at the history of the site while framing the view. At night, strategic lighting adds new dimension by contrasting the warm brick, the cool water, and the sleek stone pavers.